Monday, May 31, 2010

11 Hours in the Car... With Two Kids

And it was actually fun! 

We went up to Garberville for Wendy's baby shower this weekend and had a great time.  We left the house at about 11 AM, and hilarity ensued....

Then we drove for a long time.   Caitlin threw a blueberry at her dad, and put sparkles on everyone!  Gavin made sure that no monsters made it into the car. 

We went over the Golden Gate Bridge - Caitlin's first time seeing it!  She was very impressed.

We saw lots of trees.

And visited the redwoods.  Unbelievable!

After the redwoods, the kids checked out a small lake.

Ryan and Gavin goofed around...

And Caity and I picked flowers.

The trip home was just as fun.

We all snuggled Bunny...

And drove some more....

and had more fun....

and saw more trees....
(there are a lot of trees in Northern California!)

We finally made it home and immediately went to sleep. 

The baby shower was amazing, but I have no pictures because I was too busy chasing Caitlin to take any. That girl can move! ....and her energy seems to never end!! There was a Blessing Way for Wendy and the baby, and it was so amazing to hear so many women give her such wonderful support and blessings.  The food was delicious, Wendy made one of her amazing cakes, and everyone was so nice and friendly. 

Caity and Gavin got to hang out with Aunt Melissa, Aunt Jamaica, Aunt Wendy and Uncle Doug, their cousin Shannon, and a whole lot of other people! Doug and Wendy opened their home to us and we had a great time with them.

It was a wonderful trip!


  1. The redwoods are amazing...i'm jealous!

  2. awwww is doug and wendy havin a baby??? looks like yall had fun. i cant wait to see what its gonna be like drivin 21 hours with a 5 yr old and 3 yr old lol!