Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Finally Summer

I feel like I should post something....but I really have nothing of consequence to say right now....

I'm so excited that it's summer....I'm gorging myself on summer fruit and reveling in my tank tops and flip flops.  Can't wait to spend some serious time at the beach - starting tomorrow!

I'm on the hunt for a new job....and have found a possibility that sounds promising.

Caitlin is arguing with every.single.little.thing I say to her.  But still cute as a button, of course.

Gavin is almost as big as me.  He's nine.  Yikes.  Still obsessed with Star Wars and Bruce Lee.

Esoterik Guitars is growing by leaps and bounds.....

....and I'm going to go have a nectarine right now.  See ya!

Biker gang.