Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Little Bit of Gratitude

I am so very fortunate to live in this beautiful place where I can grow vegetables in my backyard with very little effort and take my sweet girl to the park.  We play on the swings and the play structure, she’s getting better and better at climbing the “rock wall” and playing hopscotch, and she can ride her scooter now without any assistance from me.  The weather today was so mild and pretty; it was refreshing and renewing to spend some time outside with my favorite girl.

I’ve got some spinach, strawberries, snap peas, rosemary, parsley, thyme, a cactus, and some flowers growing out back right now.  Soon I’ll be planting tomatoes as well.  I can’t wait! I love when she comes running in the house saying “Hey Mom do you think that strawberry’s ready yet?  Can I EAT IT??!!” and when she begs me give her leaves off the spinach plant.

I am fortunate to have a job, even if it’s a low-paying, low-status job – it’s also a very low-responsibility and low-stress job that allows me to stay home with my kids during the day.  I get to do all the fun daytime stuff -hiking, going to the beach, reading stories, making cookies, playing games, snuggling…. and I get to make dinner for my family almost every night.

I am so happy to come home from said job and have delicious cookies (snickerdoodles this time) to nibble on – made even better because while I have a cookie, I also get to remember how much fun it was to make them with my little one.  She did most of the pouring and mixing, and shaped at least half of the cookies in her cute little hands.  They are delicious!

Life may be challenging and tough at times, but… today was a good day.  Tomorrow I get to have another one.