Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Overcome Yourself

I have found that many people are held back from their goals by perceived obstacles as opposed to truly insurmountable ones.  I personally have made it a life goal to seek ways to eliminate each and every obstacle, usually by just changing my thinking, being open to possibility, and making it happen.  Granted, there are some things that just cannot be changed, but it seems that most obstacles in life CAN be overcome if you have the right mindset. 

I challenge you to be honest with yourself about your biggest obstacle in your life right now.  How are you sabatoging yourself just by the way you are thinking?  Perception is reality - fortunately, we all have the power to change our perception and our reality. 

First, see the obstacle in your mind as a challenge that you GET to tackle, instead of a problem that you HAVE to figure out.  Think of all the things that are stopping you from succeeding at that challenge - then throw them away.  Find a way to make it happen.  If I can do it (and I have and continue to), anyone can! If you think back on the last five years in your life, you will probably find examples of times that you already have done this, without even realizing it.  Don't let excuses hold you back - a small change in the way you think can help you eliminate even the most ingrained excuse and seemingly insurmountable challenge. 

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.  Make that first step a mental one and see the rewards for yourself.


P.S. There are so many strong people in my life that I admire for perservering, overcoming obstacles, meeting challenges, and just overall making it happen. I am so blessed for having such great examples to follow! I am even more fortunate in the fact that my husband is one of them! Mom and Dad, Margaret, Erin, Nicki, Susan, Matt, Lisa, pretty much everyone in my family... Kelly, Tanna.... I could go on. You all rock!

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  1. Awwwww this brought tears to my eyes! It made me stop and realize what i have been through this past year... and that i got through it... 1800 miles away from my family and bestest of friends. But you are also a very admirable person who i have always looked up to. i love u ruth!!!