Sunday, April 11, 2010

It's Raining

It's very windy and rainy outside right now; I have my windows open, letting in the sounds and scents of this gloomy, peaceful afternoon.  My daughter is sleeping, my husband and stepson are off doing boy stuff, and I am doing my homework and listening to the rain and the wind and the faint susurration of tires on the wet road.  I can hear the raindrops hitting the leaves of the tree outside the window, and the slightly different sound the rain makes when it hits the wooden deck in the back yard.  The breeze coming through the window is cool and smells fresh and clean.  This feels like a good afternoon to be alone with my thoughts, a good book, some music, or maybe take a walk outside to see the familiar neighborhood with the unfamiliar cloak of wetness and quiet.

This has been such a wonderful weekend for my family.  I am sending positive thoughts to everyone out there in Internet Land today.  May the rest of your day be full of joy.

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