Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fireflies in a Jar

If I could
I would bring you inside my skin
so you could feel
the sighs and shivers of
that sinuous snake that has
taken up residence
in my belly
so you would know
the tightening and sweetness
the thought of you brings
and the heat of awareness that slides
gently over my limbs
so you could
hold in your hands the uncertainty
and uneasiness
that permeate my days
so you could
set them free
like so many fireflies loosed from a jar
and together we could
watch their blinking lights become
swallowed by the sun
as it rises over the railing of
the verandah where we sit
I with my coffee
You with your tea
while a curly-haired little girl
blows raspberries at our feet.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog,especially the comments about being fully present. I struggle with that every day, but feel I am making a little progress at a time!

  2. you have a poetic gift

  3. absolutely beautiful. thank you for sharing this. you have a gift with words. {nancy}