Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I happened across my horoscope for next year today on Yahoo (and by happened across, I do not mean obsessively looked at every day.  What?)
Year 2010 Overview

Whew! Feel that enormous burden sliding off of your shoulders, like you've been carrying around an overstuffed backpack for the last couple of years? That would be Saturn, planet of structures and limitation, moving out of your sign. Congratulations, first of all, on having simply made it through more or less in one piece. You passed through the fire and made it out the other side.

Now, what to do with that spiritual Medal of Honor you've earned? Well, for one thing, establish who it is you really are with both yourself and those around you. Your ability to quietly endure both the big and little outrages of life have served you well in the last couple of years, and many of those around you may have come to assume that either it wasn't as rough on you as it was, or that you are somehow made of steel. In fact, you may have come to the same conclusion yourself. Virgo has a reputation for being able to take care of others with the best of them -- but can you turn that same care and attention on yourself? That's the big question you'll be facing in 2010.

The good news (beyond simply less bad news) is that there will be all kinds of opportunities opening up for you in new directions as far as fun, recreation and romance. So take advantage of those whenever you can. You've earned it!
I don't have particularly strong beliefs about astrology one way or the other.  I do notice that horoscopes tend to be broad enough to apply to just about anyone, and so I usually ignore them.  This one, however, did catch my attention. 

Whether it is written in the stars or not, the thought of having an easier time of it in 2010 than I did in 2009 is wonderful.  My year wasn't all that difficult.... I am pretty much recovered from my ten months of unemployment in 2008/2009, and am only a few months away from finally being back in a place of my own after over a year of roommates and uncertainty.  I've been able to pay off some of the debt I accrued due to said unemployment, and even spend a little bit on myself and my daughter.  Ryan and I have had our ups and downs, but pretty smooth actually compared to previous years.  Things with other people in my life have been mostly good.  I managed to find a job that I am not excited about, but it's not too terrible and it pays the bills.

But if my horoscope says 2010 is going to better, I'll choose to believe it, if for nothing more than the positive energy such a belief might create.  I will also, of course, tailor my own actions to make sure such a horoscope comes true (to the best of my ability). 

Come on 2010 - bring it on!

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