Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Caitlin suffered her first major injury on Sunday.  She was walking (kinda trotting actually) into our room, tripped on a backpack, and smacked face-first into the footboard of the bed.

She gashed her lip open pretty severely (inside) and had to get about five stitches in the ER.  Our tough little girl didn't fuss or cry the whole time!  She calmly opened her mouth for the doctor to examine her, let him put cotton soaked in a numbing agent in there for about five minutes, then sat through the stitches with no problem.  Everyone was very impressed.  She handled it better than I did!

Her wound is healing nicely, and there should be no permanent damage or scarring.  Yay!


This musical drawing board was a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Hansen.  She loves it!  Gavin does too, actually!


  1. so glad she's doing okay - what a brave girl! i dread this day myself, but i know it's gonna come sometime...yikes. i imagine moms always absorb the pain of it all...

  2. Yeah, I had a hard time keeping the tears at bay, and her dad had to hold her for the stitches, I couldn't handle it!! The doc said if we hadn't taken her in, she would have had a disfigured lip!

  3. Poor bug :( its only the first of many to come momma. What a brave lil girl give her my love

  4. Awww....poor little bug! I totally freaked when my cat had a big flapping gash on her leg...have no idea how I'm going to handle first major injury of my child!