Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate and Wine

I'm having a rough night.

There's no real reason for it, just some tension and misunderstandings that crawled under my skin and refused to leave.  I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed, worn down and tired. 

Once he was able to wrap his mind around the idea that there was nothing specific to "fix", my lovely man told me "You need a bite of chocolate and a sip of wine."  Then he went and got it for me.  In a few minutes we're going to snuggle up in bed and watch Rachel Getting Married while we sip our wine.

This is just one of the many reasons I am marrying this man.


  1. wine and chocolate are a killer combo. solves everything. ('specially if the vino is shiraz!) congrats, again!

  2. Thank you! We're so excited.

    Ugh, I've been so busy lately I'm missing your posts! Must remedy that....

  3. Why is it that guys always think there's something to fix? Someday my dream is that they will figure out that, in general, we can "fix" things ourselves, we just need a little support and sympathy!

  4. I know right? Someday.... although I think the Cook boys would be the LAST to learn, stubborn as they are.

  5. Cus hes a sexy beast!!!! im SO allowed to say that :P love u both