Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I went for a run today, striving to reach my goal of 3 miles or 30 minutes.... and failed. Again. I was going along just fine until I got attacked by vicious side-stitches! I kept chuggin' along, working through it, little-engine-that-could all the way! Until I just couldn't take it any longer and had to stop and walk after about 15 minutes - probably a mile and a half. It hurt!

This is the second time in a row that this has happened to me this week, so I have to wonder what's going on here. Am I eating/drinking too close to my run? Am I missing some important nutrient? Am I dying of some obscure running-side-stitch related disease? Am I just a wimp?

I'm inclined to think that it's food and drink too close to my run. I did have a large mug of tea today much later than I usually would.

Or maybe I'm really just a wimp.

I will bust through this plateau on Saturday.

Caitlin painted a pumpkin for us yesterday. Pictures will be up this weekend. She also asked me to sing along to the radio when we were driving to daycare yesterday. That was exciting - usually she yells "No!!" at me very vehemently when I sing in the car. So it was a nice change.

Time is up for tonight, yay for sleep!


  1. Hey, the tea thing could be a very limiting factor and causing you to get side-stiches. Matt is taking some sports nutrition classes and he says you could be dehydrated. Try drinking MORE water throughout the day, and while you run. Gatorade is a good rehydrater. He also says you could be low on calcium so drink a glass of milk in the morning or about an hour before you run.