Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Letter to my Daughter

My Sweet Girl,

Just a few things I have learned over the years that I want to share with you.

Start saving money as soon as you start earning it (I wish I had).

Love as much as you can.  Show your love whenever you can.

Learn to forgive people, including yourself.

Learn to let go of old hurts.

Listen more than you talk.

Don't gossip.

Love.  Love.  Love.

Give everyone a chance.

Do not judge.  You never know what someone else may be going through.

Do not let people mistreat you.  Stand up for yourself.

Remember that you teach people how to treat you by how you allow them to treat you.

Never take anyone for granted, least of all yourself.

Don't forget to enjoy the small moments in life.

Unplug. Live in the moment.

Go outside whenever you can.

Practice compassion and gratitude every chance you get.


Take care of your body. Your health is irreplaceable.

Don't smoke.

Appreciate what you have, don't dwell on what you think you don't have.

Love yourself. No one else is quite like you.

I love you more than words could ever express. I hope that your life will continue to be full of joy, new experiences, good people, and love.


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