Friday, February 19, 2010

Right Now

Caitlin is dreaming about pink floss.  But not pink Star Wars.  Just pink floss.

Today she told me "Mommy, don't get mad.  Get glad."

The other day she told me "Mom - that's driving me CRAAAAZY!!!!"

And last but not least, "Mom, you're driving crazy!"  (I wasn't)

I love how her brain works. 

She likes to read to her babies.

Sourgrass face with her brother.

My little ballerina.


  1. Isn't having a little girl magical?:)

  2. Yes! I feel like my life began the day she was born. :)

  3. Shes gonna be another Em.... Unique and Brilliant. Lucky momma!!! She looks just like daddy now but still has the beauty of her momma!