Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just have to say, I feel  so good  today! 

Yesterday I felt awful.  Sick to my stomach all day, then achy and chills yesterday evening, until I crashed into bed around 8:30 (after watching move it move it - translation: Madagascar - with Caitlin).  I went to sleep actually dreading the possibility of calling in sick today.  I mean, really, who can afford that?  And who wants to be sick? 

However, I woke up feeling refreshed and wonderful!  I was so happy to not be sick that I was sickeningly cheerful all day long.  

After work I went for a run with Ryan and I actually made it all the way up the Hill his parents house is on.  This is not a hill, this is a Hill.  Very steep, very imposing.  Last time I tried (Monday), I only made it halfway.  Today, I made it all the way.  BOOYAH!!

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